New makeup and jewellery storage!

Since moving in, I've been trying to figure out a good arrangement for my makeup and stuff.  There's no mirror in the bedroom, where I had it in my dressing table.  I've been keeping my makeup essentials in the mirror cupboard in the bathroom, but I wanted everything together where I could see it.  It was annoying to have to keep going to another room.
The bathroom.  No bench space and not much storage.

My solution... put it all in a basket to keep under the sink!  Bring it out to use it and then just put it back!
 All my stuff fits really well in here!

Up the back, my finishing spray, lipsticks, and Australis palette.

My brushes in a cardboard tube to stop them from getting away, my moisturiser and my Naked palette.

All my eye things: mascaras and shadows (except palettes)

It all fits super nicely under the sink!

My other problem has been my jewellery.  I love having my jewellery out where I can see it, but it has all been hiding in my jewellery box.  I went out to officeworks and bought myself a little pinboard and...
Cute jewellery display! All my necklaces and brooches where I can see them easily.  This way I'm sure I'll actually wear more of my things.

The entire top of my dressing table.

In this little box I keep tiny keepsakes.  This box was given to me when I was really little.  I just love my bears.

My hook earrings.  I have them all hanging off a dessert glass I found at a garage sale, with some of my most-used stud earrings in the middle.

My jewellery box.  Now it's not cluttered with necklaces and brooches, I keep my rings, stud earrings, pendants, and a couple of other bits in here.

Close up of my little pins.  Kenshin, robo-panda (Aranzi Aronzo), Totoro and dust balls!

Under the top part I keep the things I don't wear much, some brooches, necklaces and bracelets.  I don't wear bracelets at all.

I'm really happy with my new arrangements for my jewellery and makeup!  Already after two days, I've worn more of my jewellery and my makeup storage works super well.

My next project is our study/my sewing room... Oh gosh.

 Ha! Stay tuned.


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