Coast trip January 2013!

We finally have internet in our house!  It only took an entire month!  Now I hope to post blogs more often.  Yay!

First some outfit photos.  I've been looking for some nice heeled sandals for AGES so I was really happy to finally find these!  I also love this huge hat and wore it all the time.  Be sun safe everyone!
Hat: Temt
Top: Supre
Shorts: Can't remember
Shoes: Trade Secret

We spent a lot of time doing a jigsaw puzzle.  It took forevs! 1000 pieces!

View from the house.

Birdies on rocks!

Charles in the lagoon!

Chrissy near the lagoon!

Panorama on a Very Hot Day.  This was the day it was 40 degrees and fires were everywhere in NSW.  We swam a bunch and then went back to the house and died in the heat.

Completed puzzle!  YES!

 Giffington stations!

How has your summer holiday been?


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