ANOTHER Half-Circle Skirt!

This is my THIRD half-circle skirt.  That makes one and a half circles, you guys!
My first one (includes instructions to make your own!)
My second one (with an elastic waist)

Pics!  Sorry for looking slouchy and sad, I was feeling a bit slouchy and sad.
Fabric: About 1.5 metres of tartan knit, I don't know what the fibre is but it's soft and warm.
Time to make: a couple of hours, if you don't count when I had to rip the hem and do it again because it was SO AWFUL.
 The waistband was also cut on the circle.  I just followed a pattern instruction for how to put it together.
 The innards.
So here's my question: Should I wear it with the tartan vertical (zip at the back) or diagonal (zip at the side)?  Here's the diagonal view:
I think I prefer the diagonal view, but I might have to re-jig the zip a bit. Please tell me your thoughts!


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