Moving house

So this blog has been a little sparse the past few weeks. It's because we have been moving house!

Our old place was a house we were sharing with a friend of the family. We had been feeling that we should move out for a while, so were looking around on Allhomes and found this great townhouse to rent!

We moved in exactly one week ago - right in the middle of the Christmas rush! The house has two bedrooms, a large open living area, kitchen, laundry and courtyard. We have a huge lemon tree in our courtyard which is awesome.

We don't have Internet or a couch or a fridge yet, but have a bed, a table, and a tv. So that's pretty good. We will get Internet over the next few days (right now I'm using my iPad's 3G).

I hope to write some posts about making things nice here over the next few weeks while it's still summer holidays. Right now we're trying to get all our necessities and settle in. I don't have a sewing machine so all that's on hold right now. I have all kinds of plans for this place!

It was wonderful spending Christmas together in Canberra with our families for the first time. In the past Charles has been at the coast or in Europe, so this was very special. I love summer at home.

I hope you all had a great Christmas! Here's looking forward to the new year!


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