Black elastic-waisted half-circle skirt

So the past few weeks Ive done a couple of performances where I needed a black bottom.  I realised this the day before concert 1, Voices In The Forest. It was a lovely opera concert up at the Arboretum, with pretty easy orchestral percussion parts.  The thing was, it was going to be very hot.  I only had black trousers, so I decided to make the easiest skirt posssible.

I used the paper pattern I made in THIS TUTORIAL to quickly cut out my fabric.  I didnt even use pins.
Then I cut the waist a bunch bigger so it would fit over my hips, not my waist.
To make it fit, I attached a piece of elastic to the opening and sewed up the side!  The elastic cinches in the waist so I can pull it on without having to deal with zippers.

Done.  Bam.  Took me like 1.5 hours.

My outufit for Voices in the Forest.

At the Arboretum! It was like 30 degrees.  There were 4500 people there!

We played until after sunset, it was pretty rad.

The next week I wore it in the DRUMatiX concert I wrote about.  Professional photos to come!

And here's me wearing it today!

This skirt looks nicest with a slightly boofy petticoat underneath.  I'm wearing the one I made way back here.


  1. Hi there! I loved the half-circle skirt tutorial you posted (I find circle-skirts a bit too full for casual looks). I'm going to try it with the infinity top idea to see what happens. I got to this tutorial from that one :)

    For the elastic you used on this page, how long did you make it? Same as your hip diameter? Or a little less than your hip circumference so it stretches out and stays put? Thanks!

    1. My rule with elastic is that it has to be comfortable around your waist! Not too tight or it'll cut you in half, but if it's too big it'll just fall down. So, tight enough to be comfortable, but loose enough to fit over your hips.
      What infinity top are you talking about? I'd like to see it!

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