Outfit post - OOTD - Grey handmade skirt

Today's post is just an outfit!  I went to work at the library all day today, so I was going for cute librarian! Did I win?
Skirt: Handmade
Cardigan: Alice and the Pirates
Shoes: Big W
Blouse: Target

This skirt is one I made back in 2009 (?) from one big old rectangle and a different waistband pattern.
The skirt is made of four box-pleats.  So the skirt is made of a rectangle of length 3*hip measurement, and then folded into box pleats.  There's a zipper at the side and it's all attached to a simple wide waistband that goes from my hips to my waist.

I got this fabric from a bizarre church sale where they were only selling fabric and patterns for super cheap.  It's pinstripe suiting.  I lined it with spots!

Here's a picture of me wearing it when I first made it!

 It's also featured in my 3rd year recital poster.  Enjoy!

In other news, my blouse that I'm making is progressing slowly.  I'm using chiffon and it's a pain to sew!


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