Most popular month ever! And Sellotape wallet!

So I've been writing this blog for around 4 years - since 2008.  And this last month, October 2012, I had more page views than I've EVER had in a month!  I had over 3000 views!  My previous top month was just over 1000 views.  Triple!

I just found these old photos of a wallet I made from wide sticky tape and some electrical tape.
 I encased various things I liked in the walls of the wallet.
 First I decided on the pattern of things to put in the wallet. Then I made a rectangle of tape with each strip overlapping a bit.  Then I put the items on the tape and stuck them down.  Then another layer of tape was put on top to seal it in.  I made another one the same way.  Then I made them into a kind of envelope, using the red electrical tape to hold the sides together.
 I also made a little card window on the inside where I could put my licence.  I put printed out photos, a nostalgic movie ticket, lolly wrappers, a scotty dog iron-on transfer, a glow in the dark star, an old bookmark.
 This picture (sort of) shows it with some cards in it.  This was when I was like 17 so I probably didn't even have a licence.  But I did have a library card and a McDonald's voucher!

I'm working on some other projects, some tutorials, some sewing things, and I'll get them up shortly.  


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