Chiffon Blouse!

So those of you who follow me on Instagram (my username is cutiefulchristina) or Twitter (@cutiefulchrissy) may know I've been working on a certain chiffon *cough* masterpiece *cough*.  In this post I've included my Instagram progress pictures and some outfit and worn photos.  I'm really happy with this project!

I have been making New Look pattern 6107, blouse view B with neck ties. So a mixture between view A and view B.  The skirt in this pattern is also super cute.

 Sewing chiffon is difficult.  Last time I sewed a chiffon blouse, I didn't do proper seams and the whole thing frayed and came apart.  It was very embarrassing.  It was a cute blouse the one day I wore it, and then I saw my elbow poking through the sleeve and had a look, and found that it was beyond saving.
So I used french seams this time, which was kind of difficult since I've never done it before.  But I'm confident that it won't fall apart this time!

Progress shot of it without sleeves, hems, or buttons.

The cute birdies on the fabric.  From far away it just looks like a spotty pattern!

 I completed it last night after MUCH cutting of threads.

 I find that this blouse goes well with my American Apparel trousers.  I couldn't find much else that goes, in my currently small wardrobe (the rest of my stuff is at my parents' house).

Looks good tucked in.

The back is acceptable.

It's hard to see because of the pattern, but there are 6 pearly shank buttons and a neck tie.

Shaped nicely - good darts 'n' stuff.  Works untucked too!

Looks good standing on one leg.

I am super proud of myself for this blouse.  It's going to be a blouse I actually wear!  Can't wait to wear it with a light coloured skirt, shorts, jeans, a cardigan!  I thought it'd be see through so I bought a camisole, but it turns out it's fine without!  The pattern is too busy to see through it.  I'm thrilled!  This means it'll be a lovely cool summer top.  Winner!  I might use this pattern again with a different fabric in future!


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