Beauty review - Lancome Genifique

While I was in California recently, I visited some Sephora shops.  They always give you little free goodies at Sephora, and one day I was given a tester pack of Lancome's Genifique.  It was a one-week sample with little foil baggies for each day of the week.  I thought I'd give it a shot, as obviously I need it.  Right?  That's what I took from the experience.

 It said to apply every morning and night after cleansing, and before using your normal moisturiser.
The stuff itself is a clear liquid which is slippery to touch, and then is absorbed (or evaporates) really quickly.  When it's been absorbed it feels like there's nothing on my face.  It was a good canvas for makeup as it evened out my pores a little bit.

Since I don't have a giant head, I got about 3 applications out of every packet, meaning my trial went for around 10 days instead of 7.

The result:
My skin feels a tiny bit more "velvety" or smooth/soft.
There is no difference in my fine lines.
The serum did not make me break out, nor did it make my pimples go away!
Would I buy it again?
No.  I'd try a few other anti-aging serums before getting this one again.  The results were not noticable enough to be worthwhile.  It costs around $100 depending on where you shop!

Interested in other's thoughts?  Here is the Makeupalley review page for the product.  It received 3.5 out of 5.


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