As promised, Modcloth package and review!

I've been patiently waiting for two weeks for my Modcloth package to arrive!  It finally arrived yesterday afternoon!  Exciting!
"How do you open this thing?"
 The box was super cute and had writing on the inside.  One side says "So what shall we do together?" and the other says something about how we're all unique and we should tell each other about it on the website.

Cardigan!  YES
This is the Classic Remixed Cardigan in pink.  Everyone on the website reviewed this cardigan saying it was too small.  It fit me just right!  I bought the small size, against everyone's advice :-) Snug but comfy and roomy enough.  I love the sparkly silver dots.

Tights!  AWESOME!
These are the Tights for Every Occasion tights in Teal and Wine.  They have heaps of other colours too!  They're very stretchy, soft, and comfy!

Dress!  ZOMG!
This is the Luck Be A Lady Dress in Dots.  They also have this dress in a lot of other colours.  I already have this dress in blue dots, which I adore to bits and I frocktober'd here.  I loved it so much I bought this pattern too!  Apparently they're not stocking the blue dots one any more.  This dress fits me like a glove (well a glove that fits really well) and flatters beautifully.

Earrings!  Super rad!
These are the Bouquet Brilliance Earrings.  I just love them to bits.  All the gems are just so shiny and gorgeous.

 The best bit about this dress - POCKETS YOU GUYS
 The cardigan does up fine, no fit problems at all!
 The skirt has a nice amount of flare and I already received two compliments wearing it today!
The earrings are kind of big but not heavy for their size.
Pattern close up.  Looks kind of like Aboriginal dot paintings doesn't it? And the belt is lovely, can't wait to wear it with other things too.
All in all I'd have to say that this is my best Modcloth order yet!  I wish their things weren't so pricy, but  it sure is fun getting things in the mail, especially when they're super cute and awesome!


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