What I'm going to buy when this month is over...

So you know how I'm not buying anything this month?  Well it so happened to be the month where I saw the most awesome things on Modcloth. I've already missed out on a couple of things I really wanted, but here is my current list!
I could do without the bag, but it is cute!  And aren't those earrings gorgeous??
Modcloth Wishlist 10/2012

Polka dot dress
72 AUD - modcloth.com

34 AUD - modcloth.com

Tulle clothing
14 AUD - modcloth.com

Seychelles high heel shoes
92 AUD - modcloth.com

Shoulder bag
43 AUD - modcloth.com

Flower earrings
17 AUD - modcloth.com

19 AUD - modcloth.com


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