Photos from California!

For the past couple of weeks, Charles and I have been in California to go to our friend's wedding.  Here are some photos from our trip!

In 'N' Out Burger, Gilroy

Baby ostrich, California Academy of Science

Cuttlefish at the aquarium

In the rainforest room in the Academyof Science, Charles and I both taking photos of this lizard from opposite sides of the enclosure

Our view of the Golden Gate Bridge that day.

Fog rolling in

A view from the Winery where the wedding was held, up in the mountains behind Menlo Park.

Charles, the best man, Sam, the groom, and Mark, the groomsman.

This was like 5 hours before the wedding.

How many bouquets can Erin hold?

At the reception, I finally had my husband back for myself!

A toast!

A panorama of the view!  We could see the entire bay area.

Charles doing the best man speech!

Group shot!

Heritage House Tableware, San Francisco.  I was excited about plates.


More In 'N' Out!

That's a hummingbird.

This is me paddling at Monterey Bay!

That's it I guess!  We weren't gone for long but we had a really lovely time!


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