No spending in October - how did I do?

This October, I have succeeded in not buying anything unneccesary.  I have been to the shops lots of times and managed to come away with only groceries and things I really needed.  No clothes or makeup has been bought, or books, or games, or music, shoes, or hair care.  It's been really great!  


Wearing all my dresses this month has made me realise that I don't really need more clothes until the old ones are gone.  I've come to appreciate what I have more, and learned how to wear those dresses that are tricky to coordinate.

I've also saved a bunch of money.  It's good to know I can do that, because living is expensive and I've never been rich.  Now I feel more able to go forward without spending more money than I need to.

So I'm going to make a donation to Frocktober right now, to help in their cause to find an early detection test for ovarian cancer.  I hope you can all donate too!

It's November in a couple of days, and Charles has decided to not spend any money for that whole month!  He's calling it No-Money-Vember.  He'll be fine!  

So thanks for looking at my blog this October!  I'm going to keep up my momentum as best I can, take outfit photos and wear the rest of my wardrobe!  Should I do Skirtvember?  Sockvember?  


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