How to make chocolates!

On Friday, Charles and I made chocolates to sell at the election on Saturday.  Since the church was to be used as a voting venue, our friends decided to have a sausage sizzle/ chocolate sale/ cake stall to raise money for charity.  Charles and I ended up in charge of making the chocolates!  We made chocolate ginger, strawberry flavoured hearts, freckles, peppermint swirl, orange swirl, and rocky road.

Moulding chocolate - white, milk, and dark.
Crystallised ginger.
Hundreds and thousands (sprinkles)
Food colouring - green and orange
Food flavouring - strawberry, peppermint and orange

Chocolate moulds - hearts, or whatever you like!
Aluminium foil 
Muffin or cupcake baking pans
Baking trays
Tupperware shallow box

1. Ginger Chocolates
First, get your crystallised ginger and chop it up into little bits.
Melt your chocolate and put all the ginger bits into the chocolate!  Make sure they're all coated.
 Use tongs or chopsticks to get out the ginger pieces and place them on a piece of foil to set!

2. Strawberry flavoured dark chocolate hearts
First get a bowl of dark chocolate and nuke it til it's nice and runny. 
You'll need some strawberry flavouring stuff, this is what we used.  Put a tiny bit into the chocolate and mix.  You really only need a little, this stuff is potent.
Get your moulds ready...
 Pour in the chocolate!  Leave to set in the fridge.

 3. Giant freckles!
I forgot to take progress pictures but here's what you do.  Melt some milk chocolate.  Put the chocolate into some muffin trays.  About a teaspoon of chocolate each is right.  Wait a minute til it starts to cool, then put a whole lot of sprinkles on top! 
Leave to set.  When it's cool, you can shake off the remaining sprinkles and put them aside for later.

4 and 5.  Peppermint/ Orange swirl! 
First melt around 500g of dark chocolate.  Mix in a small amount of peppermint/orange oil.  Line a baking tray with foil and pour it all in.  
Then melt a smaller amount of white chocolate and colour it green/orange.  Put big splodges of colour onto the dark flavoured chocolate.  Like so. 
 Then using a skewer, mix around the coloured chocolate to make swirls.  I like to drag the skewer across the whole tray in zigzag motions.  Charles likes swirling in a circle.  Be creative!
Leave to set!  When it's set, peel off the foil and break it up into bite-sized pieces with your hands.

 6. Rocky Road
First melt 500g of milk chocolate.  Add a bag of mini marshmallows and half a bag of chopped peanuts!  Mix it up and pour it into a tray.  I didn't take pictures of our progress with this one but it's the easiest!

After all that we were tired and needed a drink.  Charles has a cute apron.
 We bagged all of the chocolates and tied them with a ribbon.  And labelled them with a price.
 Two whole baskets full!



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