Frocktober almost over... but there's more to share!

So I realised that after Frocktober is over, I'll still have a couple of dresses to show you!  Mainly Lolita dresses that I don't like to wear much.  So I'll do a few days extra.  It'll make up for that travel day and the day I wore the same dress as before.  That was slack!

Here's another dress picture for you now.  It was my year 12 Formal, and the dress is actually my mum's dress she bought in the '70s!  That's actually Charles I'm next to (yes we were dating then, aww) but I can't find the full photo!  I must have cropped it years ago.  It's another halter neck, so I must have liked them at some stage.  If you're good I'll find my year 10 formal photo!
That day I'd gone to the hairdresser to get a nice updo and while we were out Charles arrived at my house and set the house alarm off!  So there was a young man in a suit sitting outside our house while ridiculously loud alarms were ringing and disturbing the neighbours.  Poor boy.

Ok I'm off to do some sewing!  Outfit post tonight!


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