Frocktober the 8th!

My iPad keeps auto correcting me to frock river! Or frock toner!

Today's dress is also from Modcloth. It's their Hollywood and Vine Dress!  Unfortunately the dress seems to have been taken down in the few days since I bought it.  I altered the dress because it was way too big and shapeless.  I put elastic in the waist and sewed a big pleat up the back.  That pulled it in a bit nicer.  I'm thinking of doing some darts at the front to make it more fitted, but might leave it.

Shoes: Irregular Choice.  I must admit to not wearing these shoes all day!  I wore something more comfortable, but these shoes go nicely, right?

Belt: Cue (came with another dress).

Our new house is so much nicer for taking pictures inside than my old house!


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