Frocktober 29th!

Today's dress is a party dress I bought in London two years back, when I was suffering from the most heinous cold.  Charles and I were there with another friend for New Year's Eve right after visiting Paris for Christmas.  I can't believe how sick I was, it was intense.  We went to the Camden town markets and I couldn't talk without coughing, and I just bought two dresses without even trying them on because I wanted to feel better.  I was a zombie.  There's another dress coming in the next two days that I bought on the same night!
 Cardigan: SES
I never really think that halter necks look good on me.  Maybe I just don't like how it feels on my necky neck.  Nice and cool for summer though!
Here's me at This Is Not Art in 2011.  Charles and I performed our duo there!
And here's me at Christmas last year.  Right before I went off to Sweden for a month!  It was nice and warm at home :-)
This picture reminds me - I forgot to wear the waist ribbon today!


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