Frocktober 27th!

Today was a busy Satuday!  First we went to the church garage sale, and then I went off to work, and then we went to the Nara Candle Festival!  I wore a casual dress.
 Weird face weird face! Wrinkly pink tights!
This dress is my oldest item of clothing (possibly) and I just love it.  I have no idea where I got it because it was so long ago!  I think it's probably from around 2004.  Here's a photo of me in 2005 - right at the end of high school.  It was taken late at night by Charles after we got back from a movie I think!
 And here's some photos of the Nara Candle Festival!  We met a friend and her little boy there.  Here they are playing the Taiko drums!


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