Frocktober 25th!

Today's dress is a bit strange for me, as it's very short and doesn't have a defined waist!  The skirt part fluffs out from my hips so it's not very flattering.  Nevertheless, I really love it! 
Today was spent at the library, working at a computer all day.  Kind of boring!
 Back bow detail.
 My big dumb smiling face.
Dress detail: I Love Milk.

This dress is from Uniqlo, Paris.  It is a collaboration between Uniqlo and Milk - a famous and long-running lolita/casual brand from Japan.

This dress comes with old worn photos too!  Me mucking about in Sweden after buying it in Paris.  We spent Christmas in Paris in 2010 and it was bizarre!  Not romantic at all!  Everything was closed and we had Christmas lunch at McDonald's!
Should I cut my fringe like that again?


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