Frocktober 23rd!

Gosh it's getting towards the end of the month!  I've started to wear dresses that are kind of weird and I never otherwise would wear!  Maybe I need to get rid of some...

Today's dress is really nice, but tight around my ribs :-( and I can't figure out how I'd alter it because there's piping all around the middle panel.  I managed today, so maybe I've lost weight or gained toughness.  Also I didn't do anything hard today, so didn't have to breathe too hard!
Charles commented that there's always a cardigan photo and then some without-cardigan photos.  But seriously, I'm NEVER WITHOUT A CARDIGAN!  They really are essential, especially in this kind of warm-ish weather.
This dress also comes with an old worn photo.  This is me and my parents right before my third-year recital!  I look so young there, in 2009!
I have no idea what to wear tomorrow.  It's getting more and more difficult...


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