Frocktober 22nd! Favourite dress.

 This dress is my favourite dress ever!  It's Victorian Maiden's Adele Bustier Dress.  Here's a link to the Hello Lace info page.  I tried this on when we went to the Victorian Maiden Press Room in Osaka in early 2010, but didn't buy it.  Then I bought it from the website when it went on special later in 2010!
I didn't realise how long my hair looked until I saw this photo!  The back of the dress has corset lacing.
Dress: Victorian Maiden
Blouse: Victorian Maiden (Lolibrary link here)
Petticoat: Handmade

And then I went and played my drums! We set them up for the first time in our new home tonight.

This dress also comes with previous worn photos!
 Me graduating with my two bachelor's degrees!  Music and Science (Psychology)
And this is even earlier, mid 2010 when we did a big concert.  I really like that long sleeved blouse!


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