Frocktober 19th!

Gosh it's past halfway in Frocktober!  I never realised I had so many dresses!
Today's dress is one of my favourites...
I bought this dress in Perth when I was there with Charles' group 'Last Man To Die' around 2 years ago... I saw this dress in a shop window and immediately had to go and try it on.  The mannequin's dress was the only one in my size!  It was weird, the shop was mostly really trashy lingerie and then this really cute classy dress.  I can't remember the shop name!  I like the little wing-a-lings on the sleeves.
That was a sad/happy time in my life, I really had fun in Perth with my friends, but Charles departed to Sweden directly from there, and it was a hard separation!
Dress: Shop in Perth!
Tights: somewhere in Japan (they're very dark purple)
Cardigan: Forever 21.  Can't be seen without a cardigan somewhere on my person.


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