Frocktober the 11th!

Today was FREEZING COLD!  It was forecast to be 12C and rainy, and it only reached 8!  So forgive my jumpers in this post!  Today I had to go in to ANU and do my annoying computer job for 6 hours, then walk over to my nice library job for two hours!

For my lunch break, I walked over to see my husband play in a lunchtime concert!  He wrote about it in his blog here.

This dress I bought from Koom in the city for about $25, but I see that Modcloth is selling the same dress!  Or if it's not the same, it's extremely close.  So you can see the top of the dress if you click the modcloth link :-)

Self portrait fail!

And me showing off my new cardigan I got from BTSSB in San Francisco.

Dress: Koom
Jumper: Dotti
Cardigan: Alice and the Pirates
Shoes: Big W.

Tomorrow I have most of the day off, so I'm going to post a special post!  Stay tuned!


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