Past events! Wedding photos! Upcoming projects!

So things have been fairly quiet around here recently on the ol' blog.  But I have plans to come back in a big way in the next few weeks!  Here's what's been happening with me:

1.  I got married!  Charles and I finally married on the 18th of August.  We had one attendant each, and had a church wedding, and a beautiful reception at University House.  It was all perfect and I was really happy.  Our photographer is a good friend of both of us, and he also happens to be an amazing photographer.  We were so comfortable taking pictures with him since he's our friend.

We had a photoshoot in a little pine tree glade behind the church.

This is at the University House library. 

Here we are looking serious.

After all the festivities, we took a couple of photos under these picturesque lights.

Our photographer's website can be found here!

2.  We moved house!  Because Charles lived overseas until 6 weeks before the wedding, we just never moved in together until we were married.  We now are essentially house-sitting for our friend's dad, whose house used to be full of kids until they all moved away, and he's always overseas or interstate for work.  So we're alone in the house most of the time.  We have one big bedroom that's OURS, and we share a kitchen and bathroom.  Luckily it's really close to our workplaces.  But we can't fit all of our stuff there, so our poor parents' houses are still full of our stuff!

Now for the upcoming projects!!
Not all of these are confirmed or particularly well planned, but...

We are going to start a YouTube channel!
That is us, as in Charles and I.  We hope to make some V-logs about interesting things we do, funny things that happen, music stuff, and projects.  We got a new video recorder so we have no excuse!

Frocktober is a month-long event which usually fundraises for Ovarian Cancer research.  But I'm not sure if they're running it this year.  Either way, I thought I'd challenge myself to wear a dress every single day during October.   Now you may think "That's easy, she wears dresses all the time!".  This is true.  The challenge will lie in me actually photographing and blogging about what I wear every day.  For a start, I'll be overseas and on a plane for the first three days of October.  I don't know how that will work.  Plus, being photographed every day will challenge me to be interesting with my outfits.

Clothing Production!
I've decided to go to the local tech and become trained in clothing production.  The course is one semester full time, but I'm going to try to do the part time option for a year.  This will help me be able to become a seamstress and hopefully start my own business.  I'm looking forward to sharing projects on my blog, meeting new people, and getting away from ANU for a while.

Other than that, I've got some travel lined up for a wedding, lots of teaching to do, and my house to make into a home.  Thanks for reading, will blog soon!


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