Tis the season for making wishlists

Okay so I'm going to stop being lame and start blogging again.  Now semester is over (yay Honours done!) I can actually start thinking about nice bloggy things again!

Like my wishlist!  It's nearly Christmas, which is a perfect time to let the whole world know what you like!  So I'm updating my wishlist with a bunch of things.  First, the modcloth things!  Click on the pictures to go to the product pages.

This plum wedge is gorgeous, I love the ankle strap!

This dress is pretty different from my usual style, but I really like how it drapes on the bodice.  I also like how it has deer on it!
This is a lovely sandal.  Unfortunately they don't have it in this emerald green colour, they only have it in a brighter blue-green and a red.  I'd love this green though.  I'm into green right now.  My school uniform was green so it's taken a long time for me to wear green again.  I've been out of school, what, six years now?


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