Ragtime Recital videos and wrap-up.

So I did my ragtime themed recital early last month, and I was lucky enough to have heaps of help from my great percussion friends!

Here's the youtube playlist of the entire thing.  There are maybe 6 videos and ten pieces in total!  They're all totally fun.

Spanish Waltz (with Marimba Band)
The Whistler (with Charles)
Triplets (with Charles)
Jovial Jasper (with Charles)
Dance of the Octopus (with Adam Cook)
Xylophonia (with Marimba Band)
Cross Corners (with Adam)
Rainbow Ripples (with Adam)
Fluffy Ruffles (with Marimba Band and Krystle Innes - singer)
Now Unto Him (with Charles)

Now I want to particularly share this one, because it's my favourite and it went so well.  Fluffy Ruffles is probably my favourite piece of ragtime music right now!

There's a published Xylophone solo with marimba band accompaniment, which I actually played in my first year of university.  When I went to America I found out that it was originally a song with lyrics, and I could find the lyrics and use them!  It was a revelation!  So in this version I played minimally when Krystle was singing as well, and played the published xylo solo when she wasn't singing.  I think it turned out exceptionally well!

I'm wearing my Victorian Maiden Rose Stripe Shirring dress.  It's a fantastic dress, so versatile and comfortable.

So Thanks friends for supporting me!  It was a wonderful concert and everyone had a great time!  I want to play more ragtime next year so watch this space!


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