Why I don't wear dresses so much now.

Don't worry, I still love dresses a lot and wear them as often as I can. This seems like a bit of a sad post, but it's not really! I'm just trying to sort out my thoughts so that I can start dressing well again.

I think it comes down to three reasons why I don't try so hard now.

1. My work colleagues. Just over a year ago, my supervisor moved away. She was also pretty much my best friend, just a couple of years older than me. We had all three weekly shifts together. We used to browse dress websites, and we both bought this dress from modcloth.com - mine is purple and hers black.

We also both got a robot necklace!

We wore them to work together. So cute! I used to dress up for her a bit. She also used to look at lolita websites with me and tell me what not to get. When she left, I was promoted to supervisor and my friend Yvonne was hired in my place. She's super fashionable, and we used to dress up together. We even started an outfit blog called Professors in Dresses! But then she quit and now I work with two men, one my age and one a lot older than me. I'm not comfortable wearing my frills around them! They're both nice people, but I don't want to draw so much attention to myself when we can't have a dialogue about the fashion. Once I wore boots to work and the older man said I looked like a rock star. Boots! Boots and jeans!

2. I don't go to church as much. Last year there was a bit of a schism at my church and I was so unfortunate to be on the losing side, so there were a lot of hurt feelings and as a result I don't go much anymore. I used to wear my "Sunday best" and enjoy getting compliments from all the lovely old ladies. Now if I do go (and that's like once in a month), I'll probably dress down so that I don't attract so much attention.

3. I got used to Charles not being here. While he was away I didn't dress up as much because I felt like there was no point if he wasn't going to see me. It's just so easy to put on a pair of jeans and a cute blouse or t-shirt! It turns into a habit and you forget how to wear dresses and things. Anyhow Charles has been back for a while now and I'm beginning to wear dresses again. But he's going again in like a month! Sad face!

So what can I do about it? Maybe I'll try a bit harder on a daily basis to wear nice interesting outfits without being over the top. Maybe I should dress up and take outfit photos for Charles even when he's away.

Things have been going really well for me! The other day I did my ragtime recital and I got a high distinction! Thank goodness! I'll write a blog post about it soon!


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