Sunday, September 4, 2011

So I had two of the weirdest dreams last night.

Dream 1.

I came home to find that my mother was having afternoon tea with April Winchell, who is a reasonably famous American lady who I would love to be friends with.  You kind of have to be an internet nerd to know who she is, so I played it cool and pretended I didn't know.  She was very pleasant.  After the meal she went to the toilet and then started to leave.  I saw her out and said "CF4L" or something and she was all excited about me knowing who she was.  As she got into her car to leave I noticed she was wearing my handmade hairbow that was in my room.  She must have nicked it when she went to the toilet!



Dream 2.

Charles and I were in Tokyo at some kind of goth club, and we were all wearing awesome goth outfits.  It was intense.  Then someone came up to me and said "All the goth boys like you the best, Chrissy".  How flattering!  I was such an awesome goth they all liked me best.  Then Charles got all jealous and told them all, "She wears pink underwear with hearts and stars and ponies on them!!".  All the goth boys retreated in disgust.  I'm not a real goth after all.

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