I spend too much.

It seems like as soon as I get my pay, it's already gone.

Back when I first was saving up to go to Japan, the money seemed to accumulate at a normal rate, going up every pay. I earned much less then than I do now, and yet now I'm poorer! Why is this?

Some of these expenses are not evil OR necessary. That's okay. It's interesting to work out where it all went!

1. Lolita. I found it after I went to Japan. Or rather, it found me. The wand chooses the wizard.

Just a picture of my most recent purchase. Not arrived yet!

The thing with this fashion is, you don't have to buy much to be much poorer. I love all the clothes I have bought, probably because I think so hard before I buy. It's a big purchase all in one go. So even though I hardly go out to civic and buy three tops for $50 all up, my clothes bill is probably as high as normals who do! I'm quite stingy with normal clothes and generally only look at buying specials. I'm a bit of a sucker for shoes though.

2. New expenses.
This year I've started paying board to my parents, and even though it's not a big amount, it certainly takes a toll on my purse!
I've also had to buy public liability insurance twice this year for teaching. Gotta be liable! Publicly!
Since I bought an iPad (expensive but worth every penny) I also need to buy data credit. iPads are great. I use mine all the time!

3. I'm too generous.
I keep finding myself buying lunch or concert tickets for friends when they are strapped for cash. I think "at least I'll have a friend with me!" without realizing that I am also strapped for cash! Sometimes it comes around and I get a free meal or whatever, but sometimes it doesn't! Once $100 was not repaid because they had no money, so I just dealt with it. Then they bought a new computer or something the next week. Inconsistent! Oh well, better to have friends right? Right?
I also bought expensive presents for my parents for mum's birthday and Fathers day. Also worth it.

4. Petrol.
My goodness. Recently I've had to drive lot because of teaching and work and stuff. No excuse here, it's just a punch in the guts to have to pay so much. Not whining though - petrol should be expensive because it is finite. It would be wonderful to run a car on renewable energy!

5. Charles has been here. I'm not blaming him. It's good really! It just means I do a lot more and go out a lot more. When I say "go out" I don't mean we hit the clubs, but we go to concerts, get takeaway, go to town etc. Little food stuffs and parking add up. That said, I'd rather Charles than money. He's my world.

6. Coffees and hot chocolates and caramel tarts!
Self explanatory really. I love cafe treats! The other week my friend and I went to a trendy cafe and got two hot chocolates (requested marshmallows and didn't get any!) and one biscuit. The lot cost $14! What? I paid for the lot because I'm stupid (see above).

Next time I want to write about how to make the most of what you've got and save money. It'll be mostly for me because as demonstrated, I suck at this so far!


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