Growing out a fringe - with JJ magazine!

Growing out a fringe is hard work.  You want it to look like you're not growing out your fringe, like you just got it styled like this yesterday.  However, hair goes through stupid and annoying phases where it's hard not to give up and chop it off again.  I've given up quite a few times, and as a result have never grown out my fringe since 2008.  I'm trying again!

I got a JJ magazine from Kinokuniya the other day.  It's my favourite Japanese magazine, because the models are relatively normal-looking (compared to all those bizarre Lolita and Gyaru magazines), and they have beautiful clothes.  So I've looked at all of their hairstyles and it looks like they're growing out their fringes too!

You get your hair cut in a straight fringe.  It's gorgeous!  So cute!  You look youthful and sweet!
Unfortunately, you also have to straighten and blow-dry it every day.  If it gets greasy it ruins the whole look, and because it's so short it gets greasy much quicker than the rest of your hair.  So, gorgeous but impractical.

Start sweeping it to the side.  Just use your round brush to blow-dry it with a curl, and then sweep it to one side.  At first it won't look much different...

And then all of a sudden you have a side parting.  Isn't she sweet!  She has the nicest hair.

As the fringe gets longer the side part gets deeper:

A styling option is to pin it back.  It can look very chic and also hide greasy roots or stupid hair.

Pinned to the side can look very sweet, but you have to have the right kind of face, I think.

This girl has french braided her fringe to the side to join with the rest of her hair.  A huge hair accessory does wonders...

Finally long enough to part closer to the middle, pinned back on both sides.  Very cute!!

Not my favourite look, I think your hair needs to be longer for this to work well.  Centre parted with soft waves:

Just pin the whole thing to the side!

Is it this long yet?

I feel like my fringe will never grow out.


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