Conditioner only experiments.

Recently I found a forum called the Long Hair Community, which was a great website with a lot of haircare tips, hairstyle tips, and tips on how to grow your hair.

There was a lot of talk about "Conditioner Only" washing. Lots of people claimed that conditioner actually cleanses your hair, and you don't need the nasty chemicals that are in shampoo. Shampoo is basically detergent with nice smells!

Importantly, you need to have conditioner with no silicones in it. That was so hard to find! The silicones in the conditioner coat your hair, and that's what makes it feel silky. It also leaves a build up, which doesn't matter if you use shampoo because it just washes out. I think I found one, a Garnier one, without "cones". Anyhow I gave it a go.

First time I washed my hair with conditioner, it was pretty good. Hard to dry, but cleanish. I actually thought the length of my hair felt very soft and lovely. But the next day it became really greasy and stiff. I washed it with Shampoo to get all the gunge out of my hair.

Next time I washed, I tried conditioner only again, but left it in longer, thinking that time is what was needed. Turns out it doesn't work for me at all. My hair was greasy still. Not only greasy, but very flat and boring. I dried my hair upside-down to get the most volume but it was really useless.

I think what happens on me, is that the conditioner just spreads out the grease from root to tip, so your roots will be less greasy than before, but the hair is difficult and generally gross. Perhaps if you used conditioner twice in one shower, it would manage to rinse out more of the grease. But that would take ages. I try to keep my showers short to save money (since the drought water is really expensive... even though the drought is over, prices stayed high!).

I've heard that "conditioner only" works better on curly-haired people. What I want to know is, what works best for me? So far, I shampoo my hair every four days, and try to use as little heat to style as possible. But the split ends are ridiculous. It's like a jungle in there!

What works for you?


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