Possible reception venue!

I've been quite stressed with Wedmin (wedding administration, keep up!) recently. I know our nuptials aren't for another year, but I still want to get things ready ASAP so that I can get on with the rest of my life. In particular, the reception venue worries me, because you have to book mega early and they are also super expensive generally. Places usually charge a hire fee, and then a per-head cost, usually above $100. I don't want our parents paying upwards of $10,000 for a party! Since I have never actually possessed more than about $5000 (which was because of a grant and I had to spend it), spending more than twice that for half-a-day's worth of a party is mind-blowing.

When I look in bridal magazines etc., the cheapest featured weddings are about $17000, and the most expensive $60000. What? Am I missing something? My parents are retired. It's too much.

Luckily, I don't want a big 3-course-meal, 400 guest, stage band, Elvis impersonator, red carpet, seat-covers, calligraphy nameplates bonanza. Really! I have never been a big eater so my nerves wouldn't handle a sit down meal too well, and Charles and I tend to get tired of big nighttime booze-up parties, so we have decided on an afternoon tea reception!

Tea, coffee, scones, cakes, sausage rolls, spinach triangles, cheese and dips! Doesn't that sound lovely? I think we've decided where to have it too!

The Oaks Brasserie in Yarralumla looks like it will be a lovely venue. It has a permanent pavilion with a wooden floor and is basically on the lake's edge. There won't be many flowers out at the end of winter, but it's probably the prettiest place in Canberra.

The pavilion all decorated:

The lake view:



  1. Welcome to wedding world! Everything is madness but I'm sure you'll be totally fine and keep you head through it all.
    The pavilion looks lovely. Here in the UK if you get married at a hotel usually there isn't a hire cost, just the price of the meal.

  2. Also, this is a wedding blog I really like:
    Its a bit more thoughtful than the general pretty inspiration ones. Not that they aren't great too!


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