Back home from America! Some outfits.

I'm finally back from my big trip to America. We had a really great time! First we flew into New York and spent a couple of days there before heading down to Delaware to attend the workshops.

The initial jet lag was pretty brutal. The working day in New York is literally when I want to be sleeping at home. So that was hard. We pushed on and visited Tokyo Rebel which was super nice, and we had fun exploring the city. At Tokyo Rebel I bought a Baby bag, which is really beautiful and practical.

Newark, Delaware, is a university town and is really small. Charles attended the Jazz Vibraphone workshop with Tony Micelli and I went to the Bob Becker Ragtime Xylophone Institute. It was amazing and he was super nice. I was the only person from overseas in my workshop. I was also the oldest, everyone else was not even drinking age! I learnt a lot. The last day of the workshop was a concert, and this is what I wore:

Victorian Maiden Rose Stripe Shirring Dress. That was the only time I wore it.

We rented a car from Hertz and drove up to Boston. What a crazy thing to do! Charles did super well. We stayed with our friends who live north of Boston in a town called Hamilton. It was lovely and green there.

We also drove into Boston city to hang out with some other friends. One friend is also getting married soon and she took me to a wedding dress shop! I couldn't believe how expensive the dresses were - like over $6000. It was interesting anyway.

Next we drove back to New York to stay in Brooklyn. This time in New York we went to Central Park, Tiffany's, and a jazz club called Small's. The only bad thing was that it was so stinking hot in the subways!

Anyway a lovely time was had. Charles and i made headway in our Wedmin too.


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