Teaching... My first student didn't show up! I'm expecting my second because he always comes to his lessons. There are exams in the hall so I could only get little instruments. I like using glockenspiel in lessons... It has such a cute sound.

Today is Daffodil Day which raises money for the cancer council. Today when in parked my car a student stood outside my car door and watched me while I put on my coat and then pounced and got me to buy a daffodil. I don't mind buying one... But a little privacy in my own car please!

Today is the first day my fringe has been long enough to pull back into my ponytail (with a bit of hairspray help)! I'm growing it so that I have my options open for my wedding hairstyle. I can cut it then or leave it long! My hair is now halfway down my back. I'm really happy with the length! But now I want to start taking better care of it. Has anyone used the Conditioner Only (CO) washing technique? I think it sounds good! And half the price haha!

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