Refining my Wardrobe

Every few months I go through my wardrobe and toss out a whole lot of clothes, thinking "why on earth did I ever wear that?" Even to clothes I used to love and wear all the time! I guess fashions change, and my taste changes all the time.

Despite this, there are some clothes that I've always loved, and I can't see ever going out of fashion. My lolita clothes are all classic style - predominantly Victorian Maiden or cheap offbrand (KidsYoYo, Infanta, R-Series). Since the Classic Lolita style is based on vintage fashions anyway, it's not going to go out of fashion - it's never actually in mainstream fashion - but rather it's just going to get more vintage-looking, which is the aim in the first place. I've seen photos of old (well, 2002 old) Victorian Maiden and Mary Magdalene dresses on HelloLace, and those dresses are very similar to the current ones - meaning that they only refine the fashion, and don't really change the basics that much.

A little comparison! (Photos from

Victorian Maiden Rococo Boquet Dress from 2001

And Victorian Maiden Rococo Something dress from 2011

Probably a bit TOO similar for being a decade apart. Be more creative VM!

I'm sure a lot of girls feel the same way about their latest sweet styled Angelic Pretty print - but I honestly can't see those dresses standing the test of time. They're too pastel, too bright, and when those things go out of fashion they'll have to find something new. I guess that's exciting too, always being on the cusp of fashion!

An interesting observation is that older Angelic Pretty dresses are more classic in style than current Angelic Pretty dresses. The brand has changed so much! Who's to say it won't swing back to Classic, or to something else entirely?

2001 Angelic Pretty dress (back then it was just Pretty)

Isn't that lovely!? I hope they start making this style again, it's just gorgeous.

So here's a few items that I can't imagine not having in my wardrobe:

ALL my VM stuff - 2 skirts, 2 blouses, 2 one-pieces and two jumperskirts. All 100% gorgeous and never going out of style, all make me feel amazing.

A white short sleeved blouse - looks good under dresses, over skirts and jeans, under jumpers and cardigans.

Skinny jeans (not TOO skinny - need to breathe). Can be worn with boots or heels for a glam look or just casually.

Cardigans - for me, they must be long sleeved, scoop necked, and just above hip length. So you can show off a blouse underneath and wear a skirt without it looking weird. I hate 3/4 length sleeves and I don't see the point of short sleeved cardigans.

Businesslike knee skirt - this will never go out of fashion. Charles bought mine for me in about 2005 and it's still wonderful. It's a grey wool tartan pencil skirt from Oxford!

Warm casual clothes to snuggle in at home - it's so cold here in Winter, currently it's only about 4 degrees! My house is not centrally heated so I need a big fluffy coat.

Black tights - go with everything. Wear them under jeans for warmth and under skirts for class.

A nice cropped jacket - I have a great red one that cost me about $10 somewhere years ago. Currently sewing myself a new blue one (fingers crossed!).  The one pictured is from Vivienne Westwood.

And SHOES of course!

Apart from those, I think everything else in my wardrobe comes and goes with fashions and tastes. It would be wonderful to have a wardrobe filled only with things I can see myself in forever - but that's unattainable. You need to have expendable things like t-shirts and converse and hoodies and summer dresses. Life would be boring without all the choice!

What couldn't you live without in your wardrobe?


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