Ding Dong The Bells Are Going To Chime!

Charles and I are now officially engaged!


Although we both knew for a long time we'd get married, we have started telling people.  Everyone has been very kind and happy for us, so it's been wonderful.  Today we received two engagement cards and a vase of beautiful flowers!  

We will wait until we've both finished our studies.  For me that's the end of this year (with a bit of luck) and for Charles that's June next year.  So there is plenty of time to plan, and as my parents and married friends have assured me, I have to start planning NOW.

This post is just some inspiration pictures really.  I like dresses and would like a knee-length dress, because I'm young and short.  Does that make sense?  Pictures.

The skirt is quite nice here.  Not fond of the bodice though.

I just like this picture.  

Can't remember where this is from but it's an antique dress and I like the bodice.

Yes, Milanoo!  I wouldn't buy from there but they have thousands of pictures of wedding dresses.  I like this one particularly.
I adore these shoes from Baby.  Unfortunately I only found them when they were out of stock!

Melissa shoes.  Always nice.

Victorian Maiden lace gloves.  Not a necessity.

Victorian Maiden hair clip.


Victorian Maiden hair clip.

Yellow and pink flowers!

The following four photos are from a cute little exhibition held at my church last week.  It was the Women's Fellowship's annual lunch party and they had a wedding dress exhibition with about 16 dresses.  This was my absolute favourite, from the thirties!  Sorry the photos are blurry, I didn't use flash and was too excited to hold the camera still.

I love the buttons down the front.  It's not the opening but it's a nice detail.  I'd like this bodice but lower cut.

My lacemaking teacher thinks that the lace was made specially for the dress, as it curves out at the front perfectly and forms a beautiful train.

The skirt doesn't even need a hoop because it's held out with stiff tulle.

That's it so far!  I'll post photos from everything I do about it from now.  Of course that won't be much for a while because we have a long time to go, and lots of other stuff to keep us busy.


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