Mary Magdalene Survey

While looking at La Vie Classique recently, I came across this survey from Mary Magdalene.  They have released pictures of their releases and requested that people fill in a survey to indicate which ones they would like re-released.

Of course, I filled it in with the help of Google Translate, indicating that they release the Muriel Jacket (ミュリエルジャケット) again in cream!  I really hope they do because I've pined after that particular jacket for a loooong time.  I just copied and pasted the name of the item in Japanese from the huge list of products.

Here are some instructions for filling out the survey, which I found from a lovely Livejournal member on La Vie Classique.  If you run out of things to request, why don't you put in a request for the Muriel Jacket to help in my quest??  I hope everyone gets what they desire from this little opportunity!

Click "こちら" where it says "パソコンからのアンケートフォームはこちら"  (Click "here" where it says "for computer")
1)   Click "ID登録していない" (Non-registered ID)
2)    = last name / = first name
3)   Email
4)   Email, again
5)   Don't do anything for this one
6)   第一希望 = Name of the item you want
7)   希望カラー = colour you want of the item you stated above (optional)
8)   第二希望 = Another item that you want (optional)
9)   希望カラー = Colour you want for the item above (optional)
10)  第三希望 = third item you want (optional)
11)  希望カラー = colour you want for the item above (optional)
12)  その他 = miscellaneous comments (optional)


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