Jacket work in progress!

The other week, Vogue patterns were 40% off at Spotlight for VIP members, so mum and I hurried off to have a look!
I intended to buy some of the vintage Vogue patterns but they were all a bit ho-hum.  I ended up getting this pattern for a jacket, dress, pants, and skirt.  Find it online here!
I got it for the jacket, but I also really like the dress!  The pants and skirt are super boring.
I also bought some of the lovely blue tartan fabric you see in the background.  My intention is to make a jacket similar to this Vivienne Westwood one!  In blue, obviously!
It is pretty similar to the pattern!
This is pinning pattern pieces.  I have to be super careful to line up the pattern on the fabric or I'll end up with a weird looking jacket.  A lot of thinking was involved in placement of pattern pieces!
It was long.
I'm terrified to start sewing!  This will be the most complicated project I've ever started.  I have lining, facing, interfacing... gosh!  But I'm looking forward to having a rad jacket!


  1. Sales are the best and the jacket sounds like an interesting project.


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