Concerto is done!

Well last Friday I finally performed my concerto.  Thank goodness it's over!  It was video recorded (unfortunately the video was small and cut out my lovely accompanist!) and I uploaded it to youtube.
It went well!  I did fluff some bits and I did make some bits easier for myself (by taking it at a slightly slower tempo etc.).  But the most important thing is the music, and communicating that to the audience.
More than being just a performance, it was actually an exam worth about 25% of my final Honours mark.  I had three panel members!  I was nervous!
It was really wonderful that so many friends came to see me play.  Even though I feel lonely and sad a lot of the time without Charles, it's a reminder that people do care for me.  I appreciate every member of the audience!  Particularly my old piano teacher, who actually has WHOOPING COUGH and sat right at the back and waved to me from afar so I wouldn't catch it.  Isn't that crazy!
So here's the recording!  I particularly like the second movement, but a lot of people said that they liked the third.  All up it goes for about 24 minutes!

Movement 1 - Water Running in High Mountain:

Movement 2 - Reflections and Dreams:

Movement 3 - Walking on Clouds:


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