Canberra International Music Festival - Concert 1!

Today I played in the first concert of the Canberra International Music Festival.  It was mostly a choral concert, but one piece had 4 percussion as well.  It was the three first-year boys and me.  My teacher wanted me to be principal percussionist as a learning experience.  I felt like I was their mother.

The piece we were in was Requiem by Peter Sculthorpe, a renowned Australian composer.  It was for a large SATB choir, timpani, 3 percussionists, organ, and didgeridoo.  The choral parts were fairly straightforward - lots of "kyrie eleison" and "sanctus" and stuff.  Percussion parts were nice and easy and we worked them up well in only one rehearsal.

The composer, Peter Sculthorpe, was there for the concert and made a little speech too.  He's a really old lovely man, and quite famous.  My workplace, the ANU Music Library, has so many Sculthorpe scores.  People love it.

As Principal Percussionist (or maybe just as the one with a car) I was the driver for the boys - that meant a lot of driving over the last few days.  I also made sandwiches for them today.  Once, I made a musical suggestion to one of them.  And that's how you be a section leader!

Lots more concerts coming up for the festival too.  On Friday we have 2 big concerts on the same day and then we have another in a couple of weeks.  It means lots of rehearsals and lots of packing and unpacking trucks full of percussion!


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