Everyone seems to have a wishlist on their blog.   I love looking at them, and well, I do have a few wishes myself.  My wishlist is quickly diminishing because the style I like is becoming more and more focussed.  I used to want all the pretty things - now I just like a few things that suit my style.  Let's get this show on the road!

Click on the pictures to go to the websites!

The number one thing that I want, the thing I'm pining for daily, is this cream coloured jacket from Mary Magdalene.
Sometimes I check their website to see if they've re-released it, but never!  They so rarely release anything.  It never comes up on the sales community either.  I guess I could post a Want To Buy!  VM did a similar jacket but it's just not good enough!!

Next is a dress I tried on when I went to the Victorian Maiden Press Room in 2010, the Dorothy Doll Dress.
I like this burgundy colour.  It has little frill sleeves and a collar part with detachable bow.  The ruffles are full and glorious.  Looks lovely with or without a blouse underneath.
This dress is also sold out.  I have high hopes of them doing a re-release sometime in the future, because this was originally a Beth dress back in like 2008.

Next - a replica of a Victorian Maiden dress by Surface Spell - available through Qutieland.  The reason why I haven't bought this one is that I don't know what colour would suit me.  It's available in heaps of colours!
I like the silhouette of this - it's not too puffy and you could wear it for a vintage look.

This coat from Melche Shutilforc - a brand that I discovered for the first time a few weeks ago.  I really like all of their stuff, but this coat looks really nice and warm.
It's got lovely embroidery and a detachable fluffy collar.  And pockets!  I need pockets.

Also really like this skirt from Melche Shutilforc.  I really like that brand now!
It's really pretty and tasteful, falls nicely and isn't too fussy.  

That's all actually.  No other wants!  I expect this post will be added to periodically.

If anyone has any of these things they'd like to sell me, my feedback is here!


  1. Lists are fun, aren't they? I like the Surface Spell one the best.


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