Mind: blown

I just read this blog over at Painting The Roses Pink about lolita weddings.  She posted up the usual stuff, churches, cakes, invitations, and dresses.  But some of the dresses blew my mind!  They're by a Japanese brand called Sugar Kei, which as far as I can tell, rents out amazing wedding attire.  Maybe that's what Japanese people do for weddings - rent dresses instead of buying.  Sounds sensible, but a bit sad to give it back afterwards!  Anyway here's the eye candy:

Speaking of wedding dresses, my parents brought my Nana's wedding dress from 1940 home from Melbourne.  She left it to me when she died in 2009.  She actually wanted ME to get married in it a few years ago, but I politely explained that I wasn't getting married and I also wanted to buy my own dress.  It's 70 years old so quite dated!  It's a bit damaged, but in pretty good nick for something so old.  I might steam the creases out and take photos some time!



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