Labyrinth Polyvore coordinates?!

So a while ago when I was bored, I made up some co-ordinates on Polyvore of my favourite two characters: Jareth and Sarah!  Since I'm a girl, I made the Jareth outfit out of girls clothes!  A girl Jareth!Jareth
I am really very fond of those boots by Demonia.  The VM blouse is my favourite blouse in the whole world, which I own!    Then I thought I'd prissy the whole thing up with pretty gloves, sparkly nail polish, and eye shadow.  Of course you can't do Jareth's hair without a bunch of hairspray, so that's in there too.

You would think that Sarah's co-ordinate would be easier, her being a girl and everything.  Not so!  I wanted to do the ballgown look, because her normal look is so 80s it hurts my eyes.Sarah
So I had no choice but to use a short white Lolita skirt.  I'm not sure if this is a petticoat or outer skirt, but it's quite pretty.  The blouse is VM of course.  I think I did much better with Jareth - this looks too much like a wedding ensemble.  It's hard to wear white dresses without looking like a bride!


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