Dressing up a dress

I was thinking about how some of my dresses I only wear very rarely, because they're not versatile.  I don't go to cocktail parties very often (or never) but I do go to university, to work, to the shops, to church, and occasionally to fancy events like performances and parties.  So if I want a dress to really work for me, it needs to be able to be worn casually and dressed-up.  I made a few polyvore coordinates using a dress I own from UniQlo.  I liked it because it's cute and spotty, and also because it's a collaboration with the cute Japanese brand Milk.  Plz excuse how it looks in the coordinates, it looks way better on a human.  Most Milk dresses are like that I find!

First coordinate: Casual.
This is the exact coordinate I wore in Sweden when we recorded Maria's piece.  Grey jeans, cons, dress and cardigan.  The dress is short enough that it looks good with jeans, as long as they're the skinny variety.  This is a good look for going shopping or whatever, because it's comfy.


Next: Fun!
In this coordinate I wanted to play up the cute pink and blue spots on the dress by pairing it with pink tights and cardigan, and a blue brooch and shoes.  Love those shoes!  They're Melissa.
This kind of coordinate is good for parties (fun colours yay) or a casual day where you want to add a bit of colour (except maybe not with those heels!).


Lastly: Classy.
What is a classier colour than black?  There is no classier colour!  This coordinate is pretty simple, the belt and necklace are the only items added really.  It's still fun though, with the spotty shoes from Irregular Choice.  I'd wear this coordinate to dinners, cocktail parties and the like.  This dress is still a fun dress no matter how you wear it!


Maybe I'll make some more posts like this.  It's the kind of thing I like to do!


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