Dresses for the Summer

Since I'm going to America in their Summer (my Winter), I'll need some nice cool dresses to wear!  And all the great brands are coming out with new dresses for Summer in Japan!  Here are my two favourite that I'm considering buying:

First is another Melche Shutilforc beauty.  It comes in two colourways, this gorgeous brown X pink, and a cream top X light blue floral skirt.  This was only released today I think!
It also has a detachable halter neck with frills.  Cute!  I also really like the underskirt peeking out.
Which colour would be best on a paleface like me?

And this lovely Victorian Maiden summer dress.  It comes in three colourways: this one (cream and purple flowers), cream and yellow flowers, and black and white gingham.  I think I'd go for the cream and yellow colour.  This is still on reserve, due to come out in May.
I'm not usually a fan of fully shirred items, but this is done very well.  It's nice and understated.  I like the ruffled neckline.  It looks so cool!  Able to be worn without a blouse for maximum air flow!

One thing these dresses have in common is that they're quite casual.  I could wear these to the shops, or to a cocktail party, depending on my shoes and how I wear my hair.  I like clothes like that!

To be able to wear them in America for what I'm doing, it's important to be able to breathe and move easily.  A lot of dresses I've bought (thankfully not the expensive ones!) are really pretty but constrict my giant rib cage* and so never get worn.  It's kind of a shame!  I would like to fix them but don't want to fail and ruin a lovely dress.  The Melche Shutilforc dress looks a little constricting but the VM one looks amazingly comfy.

I added these two dresses to my Wishlist, because in all honesty, I wish I had them.


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