Stock photo found!!

A bit less than a year ago I bought a Victorian Maiden skirt off the sales community.  I couldn't find a stock photo of it anywhere and neither could the seller.  I just found one - in the weirdest place!

I found it on - it's apparently selling this skirt.  Except, when I read the description, it seems they're selling a cheap Chinese-made replica.  It says that it comes with corset lacing at the back - which mine doesn't have.  I guess the makers only saw this one stock photo of the front of the skirt.  Who knows if it has corset lacing?  It's called a "Black and White Retro Lolita Dress".

Weird.  You can tell it's the true VM stock photo because a) it's my VM skirt, b) it's a VM blouse, and c) the backdrop is the same they always use.

So if you're planning to buy from Gothic Plus, I'd stay away from the clothes as all the photos are real brand stock photos, and they clearly have no idea what the back of the dress looks like.  The shoes they sell look like they're legit as they say what brand they are.  I like some of the Demonia steampunk boots!

I love this skirt.  It's totally wearable without a petticoat for a more casual look and it's still beautiful.  It's just the right length.  This is probably my most-worn piece of brand, and I haven't had it that long!


  1. That's a beautiful skirt - I like the texture. The original one must have been expensive.

  2. I can't remember how much I paid, but I thought it was a bargain at the time, since it was secondhand. What do you mean texture? Do you mean pattern?

    Heinrich you act like you've never seen this skirt before! I wear it all the time!


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