One dress three ways!

Today it was finally cool enough to wear this dress without worrying about sweating! I have a low heat tolerance.  I bought this dress a few weeks ago from the EGL sales community and have been dying to play around with outfits since.  It's by Juliette et Justine, and is called Fleur et Rose.

It is quite a long dress with an A-line shape, so it's not the puffy "lolita" silhouette but a much more demure, elegant shape.  I curled my hair :-)

First, a simple co-ordinate.  This dress is so pretty you only need shoes and pearls to make it work!
Shoes: Vintage, from a cute shop in Perth.  I love them, they're my sparkly ruby slippers.

This one is a bit teacher-ish.  Offbrand blazer and brooch, shoes from MaruiOne in Shinjuku (can't remember the brand).

I think this works quite well but is a little harsh with the black x florals.
Shoes: Betts
Gloves: Vintage
Bolero: ValleyGirl
Choker: Diva (I think)

The room is actually about to get new carpet in, and has just been painted!  So it's a good place to take outfit photos.

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  1. It is fun to combine things and you make good combinations. :D

  2. i want to rotate the second photo SLIGHTLY clockwise so that you're not leaning back, but then it would look like you were flying. Creepy!

  3. That second photo is actually tilted already. I'm not standing crooked, it's because of the place I'm standing in the room.

    maybe i am standing a little crooked.


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