More lacy collars!

I've been sick in bed the past two days, so I spent some time refining my designs for my crocheted collars.  First thing I tried was putting glass pearl beads in there!  I'm really happy with this, it turned out lovely.  

It took me so long!  None of my crocheting hooks go through the beads so I had to use some fishing wire as a kind of needle-threader arrangement.

So they're in-between each group of trebles.

I did a white one a bit bigger, somehow it turned out a bit crooked at the edges?  Anyhow there's one more row than my other ones.

Yellow!  I like this yellow.

Neck view.

So this brooch is another hand-me-down from my Nana who died a year ago.  It's particularly precious to me, because it belonged to Nana...

And it was made out of a penny by my Pa!  It reminds me of both of my grandparents.  It's very special!  And pretty too :-)


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