Interesting Earrings Story!

So I was at work the other day at the music library, and a girl came up to the desk to borrow something.  I noticed first that she was wearing mismatched earrings that looked *kind of* the same but were obviously different.  I looked closely... and one of them I had definitely made, and sold at my church's Arts and Crafts show!  It was pretty much the most exciting thing ever.  But I had to keep my composure. 
 I asked her where she got her earrings.  She said she couldn't remember, but they were mismatched because she'd lost one of each pair and they'd gone reasonably well together.
Anyhow the truth came out and I told her I'd made one of them.  And then I offered to take it home and make her a new matching one.  So I did!

It was a really nice little run-in!


  1. How nice of you to make her a matching earring! This post definitely made me smile <3

  2. That is a really nice story, it must been cool to see something you've made being worn by a stranger.


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