Crocheted collars

My friend bought a lovely crocheted collar from a super talented designer at Hand Hook Yarn.  It cost her like $60!  But when I looked at it I thought... I could do that!  So she let me have a look at it and I made my own version last night (after two total fails)!  I also found a pattern for a crocheted collar on The Ongoing Project, but it's also different.

My version is not exactly the same (I couldn't figure out what she'd done in some places), but it worked out pretty well!  I wore it to uni today and got at least one compliment.  Other people complimented in the way that means "Chrissy why are you wearing such a pink thing".

It's actually NOT that bright a pink, the colour came out a bit wrong in this photo.  It's more of a dusky pink colour.  That's a brooch I inherited.  I thought a brooch fastener is much more versatile than a button because you can change it!  Obviously!

I'm starting a yellow one.

And this is a red one I made on the bus home.  It's red, I promise!  Weird lighting playing tricks again.

Me wearing my pink one in the bathroom.

This is what I wore to uni today - my spotty dress.  So maybe the pink collar is too much with this outfit!  Anyhow I'm pretty proud of how it turned out and I think it looks sweet.  I'm going to make this yellow one and then I'll see what other yarn I have.

If they turn out to be good, I might sell them at the Arts and Crafts show.  We had our first Committee meeting yesterday so I'm looking forward to it already!  How much could I charge for these?



  2. Margrét BrynjarsdóttirMarch 26, 2011 at 7:29 PM

    Sell them for about 1.00000 skr.
    You're worth it!
    I love the brooch too, you're so lucky to have inherited such a lovely piece.

    Puss och kram!

  3. They're so COOL! You'll have to teach me how to make one some day :)
    As for the price - NO idea!

  4. Ladies! Thank you!
    Bori: the compliment WAS from you!
    Margrét: Wow that's AUD15,000! I'd only have to sell a few to be a millionaire HAHAHAHA!
    Katrina: Thanks! Pricing is difficult - you don't want it to look cheap but you don't want to rip people off either!


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